The Strathberry Bar

With DNA inherited from the leather sheet music folios of musicians and performers, the Strathberry collection is defined by its signature metal bar. Both functional and elegant, the bar closure adds the beauty of motion and fluidity to the ritualistic opening and closing of a Strathberry bag. Each bar is crafted and added to the product by hand.


The unique bar is incorporated in each style, making it the signature feature of every Strathberry bag. 



The Strathberry Tote design is the original silhouette from which the iconic bar closure was born. Elegantly folding over the top handle, the bar makes this style instantly recognisable. 




The Crescent styles features a contemporary twist on the iconic Strathberry bar as it is reimagined into an elegant arc. 





The Strathberry bar has been reinvented for the Lana Bucket Bag styles, and formed into an elegant horseshoe shape that offers a secure fastening for the leather strap. 





Effortless and contemporary, the East/West style sees the Strathberry bar repositioned over the flap as functional closure in this crossbody style.




The lightweight and roomy East/West Stylist features buttery soft leather which is beautifully folded under the Strathberry bag. 





The bar closure on the Allegro is both beautiful and practical, combining with the leather flap to offer maximum security. 

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